freezeIt is everyone’s desire to maintain a healthy and a fitting body. Every time there are new ideas and methods that aim at helping some people to get rid of unwanted or excess fatty cells from their body. This include choosing and changing diet, treatments like liposuction, taking prescribed pills, and doing some exercises. Some of these methods do not only seem to give no significant results but also have been reported to have side effects in the body. But now, people have a reason to enjoy for the invention of this amazing fat reducing technology called CoolSculpting. Introduced for the time in Los Angeles by Dr. Sasaki, the Los Angeles CoolSculpting is an effective non surgical removal of unwanted or excess fatty cells from the body.

In places like Beverly Hills offices many Los Angeles and some non Los Angeles patients have underdone this non surgical and painless treatment to freeze the fat and improve their health and body appearance. This treatment involves carrying an operation called cryolipolysis whereby the affected body area is frozen at very low temperatures to get rid of the unhealthy and unwanted fats. Los Angeles CoolSculpting is very safe as it only targets the affected body cells area, which means other body areas continue to function normally, unlike some laser operations like liposuction.

During the first few minutes of operation, the patient may experience some sensation and coldness but this is only a matter of minutes. During the treatment, the patients can continue with their activities like reading, watching TV or operating on a computer to kill time for this two hours operation. Unlike liposuction treatment where fats are surgically removed from the body, in Los Angeles CoolSculpting operation, the body metabolism naturally remove these unwanted fats. Patients are expected to notice some body changes like elastic contraction of the skin as soon as three weeks after the operation. Since this is a permanent change, there is no need for the patients to change their diet, to do exercises or to change their lifestyle to maintain their new looks.

Some patients may require only one treatment but others may require three or four such treatments for permanent results. There is no harm or danger to be operated on the same body area several times. However, there are times that patients may not notice significant changes in their bodies after treatment. Here the condition may have been caused by loose skin. In such cases, the patients should opt other surgical treatments like tummy tuck since the Los Angeles CoolSculpting may not be enough.